Caring for Cichlids

As a feature of our guide on keeping your fish sound, here’s our manual for taking care of cichlids and guaranteeing they have the correct nurture their necessities.


The ideal temperature for cichlids is between 22-28 degress celcius. On the off chance that the aquarium is hotter than this, guarantee you keep less fish!

pH and Water Hardness

The pH ought to be around 7.8-8.5 which is genuinely impartial to basic. Utilize white limestone or coral substrate to help accomplish this. The water hardness should associate with 10-15dH, repeating comparable conditions to the Malawi Lake in Africa.

Maxmium Size

Most cichlids develop to around 6″ long, however a few (in the correct conditions) can develop to around 12″! Remember this when filling your tank…


As cichlids can be genuinely forceful, pick similar types of cichlids with the goal for them to coincide cheerfully. Ensuring they have the correct size tank is imperative as a few cichlids can become very substantial!